Mustang, Boss, and Shelby, Digital and Onsite Appraisal! Mustang, Boss, Cobra Jet, and Shelby Appraisal Service

Auction, Car Show and On-line Appraisal Service

Don’t buy blind, spend a few dollars with us and save thousands!
We attend numerous auctions, car shows and sales around the country. At show sites like Barrett Jackson we are able to supply prospective car owners with a prompt and accurate evaluation of potential investment vehicle(s). Our premium evaluation service saves our customers thousands of dollars and the headache associated with buying a lesser car.

Auction and Car Show/Sale Appraisal
$100 for ½ hour or $250 for 2 hours.
Customer will receive a written abbreviated value summary.
Payment is due upon receipt of summary.

On-line Digital Appraisal
Appraisals are completed by utilizing pictures and information supplied by the customer via email. The information and pictures required will vary depending on the type of car to be appraised. Appraisal cost is $250.00 for 2 hours or less. Appraisals that run over 2 hours are an additional $75 per hour. Upon completion of the appraisal All Classic Motors, Ltd will review findings and issue an invoice. Once the invoice has been paid in full the completed appraisal report will be sent to the client. With timely payment the entire appraisal process is normally completed within 14 business days.

On Sight Appraisal Service

Available within the continental US, All Classic Motors, Ltd. offers on sight appraisal of your vehicle. Our on sight appraisal service provides an exclusive and thorough inspection of your vehicle. Your car's appraised value is based on current market values and the condition of your vehicle at the time of inspection.  The appraisal is performed and completed by JD Larson, owner of All Classic Motors, Ltd.  His professional opinion of the appraised value of your vehicle is backed by over 40 years of classic Mustang experience, including certification as an MCA judge for 1967 - 1973 Mustangs and Boss cars. All travel expenses are non-refundable and are to be paid in advance. Travel expenses are determined by driving mileage or air fare incurred from All Classic Motors Ltd. in Velva, ND 58790. Driving mileage rate is $1.00 per mile to the appraisal site from Velva. Appraisal cost is $250.00 (2 hours or less, appraisals that run over 2 hours additional $75 an hour.) Upon completion of the appraisal All Classic Motors, Ltd. will review the findings and issue a completed appraisal report to the client, normally within 14 business days. 
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Mustang, Boss, Cobra Jet and Shelby Appraisal Service
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