Mustang, Boss, Cobra Jet  & Shelby Parts and Car Restoration!
Whether you are restoring your classic car to enter it in a local car show, an MCA sanctioned event, or for sentimental reasons, the ability to have the factory original components that came on your vintage ride makes owning and driving a classic car that much more special.  

          Services we offer:

  • Autolite Starter Restoration
  • Engine Components 
  • Gold top Coils 
  • Power Brake Boosters                          
  • Power Steering Pumps, Control Valves & Cylinders
  • Radiators Restoration
  • Smog Systems  - including 67 GT500
  • Steering Tie Rods & Adjuster Sleeves
  • Suspension & Drive Train 
  • Water Pumps

Don't see the classic car part you want restored?
Contact Us we restore more parts than what we have listed!

Power Steering Pump Restoration
Power Steering Pump
Control Arm
Control Arm
Control Arm Restoration
Power Steering Restoration 
Wheel Restoration
Power Steering Part Restoration 
Coil Spring Restoration
Coil Spring
Spring Restoration 
Power Steering
Power Steering Restoration
1968 Shelby Wheel Restoration 
Commitment to Quality
We have a passion for the classics! Our goal at All Classic Motors, Ltd. is to provide the customer with parts that are functional show quality components. Painted coatings vary depending on the type of car part and may be applied as a spray or Factory dipping. We can re-plate most of the original assembly line metal coatings to achieve the look, feel and appearance of show correct vintage parts.  

Lead Time
Normally, single components can be processed within a week or two. Small groups of parts can vary from two to five weeks, very large orders may take up to two months. For high quality restorations give yourself plenty of time, there is NO rushing quality!

Labor Rate
Our shop rate is $99 per hour. As an example, a good and straight 67 Shelby spindle with minimal corrosion can be made to appear as fresh from the Ford assembly line in 2 – 3 hours = $198 - $297. This includes blasting, re-plating, machining of bare metal areas and proper application of assembly line paint daubs. 
Here is how it works!

Restoration Service Request 
E-mail your classic car part(s) restoration request indicating the level of restoration desired, either Assembly line original or Concours class. Please include detailed pictures of the item(s) that you would like restored. Once we have reviewed your request we will indicate if the parts are restorable and the approximate costs involved.  Then you simply ship the parts to us and we do the rest!
Upon receipt we will evaluate the items one more time before proceeding with the restoration process. If any part received is beyond repair, is not cost effective to repair or is not an original part we will e-mail you our findings before proceeding any further. Any item that is not restorable will be returned to you with the rest of your restored items unless you indicate otherwise.  In many instances components that make up a part will need to be replaced (for example bushings). Items that need replacing are purchased separately.  We carry a huge selection of New Old Stock, used original and service replacement parts in the event replacement parts are needed.  The customer is responsible for all shipping fees incurred to and from All Classic Motors, Ltd.

Boss Radiator Restoration
Control Arm Restoration
Radiator Restoration
Think twice about throwing away those old car parts!  
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All Classic Motors Ltd. offers Concours and Thoroughbred Car Restoration Services for 1964 ½ - 1970 Mustang, Shelby, & Boss cars. We take pride in the work we do and we know how to do it right! JD’s knowledge and passion for these classic beauties dates back to his teenage years. He has owned, restored and sold several Mustangs, including a 1967 Shelby GT500 and a 1969 Mustang 428CJ Ram Air Car that is pictured here. We have customers from all over the world buying our NOS and restored assembly line original parts. They are winning at Shelby American Automobile Club, SAAC shows and Mustang Club of America, MCA shows. Contact us for details! 
1969 Mustang 428J Ram Air Restoration
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